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Conscious Leadership Group Playbook


We exist to support the expansion of conscious leadership in the world.
The mission is fueled by the desire to reduce suffering on the planet

What We Do

For now, we support organizational leaders, then their circles of influence

Our Ideal Clients

Our ideal clients are visionary pioneers in leadership who are willing to question the status quo, experiment, take risks, have a desire to contribute, and share the sense that there’s a more enlivening, authentic, and sustainable way to live and lead

Our Audience

The CLG audience is comprised of lifelong learners especially when it comes to transformation, personal growth, and peak performance. They are called to lead through innovation and to innovate through leadership.

We Provide

In an effort to fulfill our mission for our ideal clients, we provide coaching and consulting, lead forums, certify coaches, speak, and create content. We teach and embody awareness and acceptance to create more energy, deeper connection, increased creativity, confidence, presence, engagement, love, and sustainable transformation. Put simply, we create and provide products, tools, and education to enable sustainable transformation - first individually, then collectively.

We Create

We envision a world where conscious leaders are creating conscious organizations that reduce suffering

We Value

We value radical responsibility, curiosity, authenticity, integrity, play, and ease

We Believe

  • Suffering is optional
  • In the power of play
  • All of your beliefs are made up and are not true
  • Kleenex boxes should be in every conference room
  • I don’t win if we all don’t win
  • It’s human to be messy 
  • In revealing your truth
  • What you most want isn’t out there it’s in here
  • You already have enough of everything that matters
  • Sexual energy is essential to creativity
  • You don’t exist!

We do all of this while easefully having more than enough money to do everything we want to do. 

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