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Conscious Leadership Assessment

How conscious is your culture?

There are two parts to the assessment process: Culture 360 and Enneagram. Together they allow us to deliver a comprehensive analysis of your culture and team through the lens of conscious leadership. We include recommendations about where to put your attention to create a more conscious culture. We write-up the results and present them to the leadership team via video conference or in-person.

Culture 360

We interview eight top leaders by phone about and send out the same digital interview to a larger group. We also send a survey about where the culture is at with The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership to the whole group.

Enneagram (optional addition)

Build self-awareness and empathy by understanding the 9 styles of leadership

One of our Enneagram experts will interview each team member to identify their Enneagram type. In addition to the team Enneagram analysis, each team member will receive information about their Enneagram type and the inherent strengths and challenges.

What you’ll learn

  • How much your team is leading from trust vs. threat
  • The level of team engagement
  • The core strengths of your team
  • The key blind spots of your team
  • How your team stacks up with each of The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership
  • What your team needs to focus on to increase trust and engagement
  • The dynamics that are likely to arise from the particular Enneagram makeup of the team.

Contact Us to Set up an Assessment

Go to our Consulting Page to see the steps to bring conscious leadership to your organization.

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