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Taste of Conscious Leadership vs Introduction to Conscious Leadership

What's the Same

The content is the same for both courses. In both formats, you'll have the chance to work with other participants in breakout sessions, send in your questions, work through a challenging issue in your life, and experience the work in real time.

What's Different

  1. Our Taste of Conscious Leadership is a 5-hour workshop, and the Intro Course is broken down into 4 weekly segments. The Virtual Taste is a replica of our in-person Tastes that we've been offering for many years across the country. Starting in 2022, we offer Tastes monthly and the Intro Course quarterly.
  2. The Taste is for organizational leaders only. The Intro Course is open to all, and generally is comprised of leaders, coaches, and others.

  3. The Taste has a cap of 30 attendees. You'll see everyone in the gallery view on Zoom and have the opportunity for more personal and group interaction. It will be more intimate than the course, which will have many more attendees. During the Taste, you're more likely to have your personal questions answered, and in real time, though we encourage people to send in their questions during the course, and we will get to as many of them as we're able to.

  4. During the Taste you'll work through one challenging issue in your life. During the course, you'll likely work through more.

We don't consider one course to be more valuable than the other. We're excited to offer this content in two formats to support different experiences, honor variable learning styles, and respond to the current times.

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