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Digital Conscious Culture Program: Join our Beta!

Welcome to the Digital Conscious Culture Program (CCP) Beta Training!

We're excited to announce our beta release of our first ever stand-alone digital training. For this first round, we created a 6 week DIY digital Introduction to Conscious Leadership, the foundation of our Conscious Culture Program. What we created exceeded our expectations— we think it's clear, fun, provocative, and playful—and yet the proof lies with you. We hope that you take us up on our invitation to train 20 people (2 groups of 10) in your organization and give us feedback to integrate to create a world-class full digital CCP training.

We hope that you join us in this learning adventure!

Jim Dethmer, Diana Chapman, Erica Schreiber
CLG Partners

The Training: Introduction to Conscious Leadership

A 6-week virtual training designed for groups of 10 to learn and practice together.

Timeline Update as of 01/17/2024: We pushed start date one week back to February 12. (Previous Start: Week of Feb 5 Previous End: Week of March 22)
It is self-paced, but we ask that you begin by the week of February 12 and end by 2nd week of February and end by March 29.
This is 7 weeks for a 6 week program, so it gives you some flexibility for scheduling.

  • Jim Dethmer and Diana Chapman, CLG Founders and Authors of The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership, co-lead the training.
  • Each session is an hour, designed to be scheduled weekly over six weeks.
  • We provide guidance for groups to run the training either while physically in one room or on Zoom
  • The training is a blend of teaching and experiential exercises, with an emphasis on engagement and group learning.
  • Groups will engage in exercises in dyads, triads, and with the whole group.

Time Commitment

  • Each session is an hour, designed to be scheduled weekly over 6 weeks.
  • There are weekly learning partner practices, which will be 30 minutes a week.
  • We offer a new group practice each week to integrate into team meetings that will take no more than a few minutes at each meeting.
  • We ask each participant to commit to a personal practice (set random reminders, same as in CCP) that takes minutes a day.

Teams Will Learn...

  • What conscious leadership is
  • The difference between leading from trust vs. threat
  • How to identify their own threat patterns
  • Technologies for shifting from threat to trust, individually and as a group

What We Cover

Context versus Content. Paying attention to context is the key to a drama free culture.

Leading from Trust Vs. Fear. This distinction is at the heart of repeating drama patterns in organizations. Understanding this model immediately shifts the effectiveness of conversations both team and organization wide.

The 4 Questions of Conscious Leadership. Four key questions designed to be used ongoing to build self awareness and become a more conscious leader.  

The Drama Triangle. The Triangle roles of Victim, Villain, and Hero describes the go-to positions that create and perpetuate drama and limit organizational growth and creativity.

Willingness to Shift. We cover the difference between wanting to shift and being willing to shift. We provide willingness questions to help teams discover if they’re actually willing to shift the issues they say they want to change.

Shift Technologies. We introduce simple technologies that individuals and teams can immediately put into action in the midst of challenging interactions to change the dynamic and outcome by shifting from threat to trust.


We Agree to...

  • Offer our digital Introduction to Conscious Leadership 6-module training to two groups of 10 at your company at no cost.
  • Provide support as needed as the groups go through the training.

You Agree to...

  • Let us know by January 5, 2024 if you'd like to join the beta group.
  • Choose people to join the groups who are willing to commit to attend all 6 sessions.
  • Ensure that each participant completes short surveys after each session (a few quick questions) and a more comprehensive survey at the end, within 24 hours of each session.
  • Have each participant and the top leader to write a testimonial that we can share publicly.
  • Have a follow up conversation with Erica Schreiber (30 mins), partner and CEO, within two weeks of program completion to share feedback around the program in general and to share your insights about how you would financially value the training.

Join the beta / learn more

Join the Beta / Learn More

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