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Leader Intensive

2-Day Virtual Training

A two-day highly experiential training where you will get personal support in applying commitments 1-6 of The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership to your professional and personal life. You'll leave with specific tools and practices to support your ongoing growth as a conscious leader. 

Who will lead the event? 

CLG Co-Founders Jim Dethmer and Diana Chapman.

Who is it for? 

Leaders with direct reports who want to reduce drama and build trust in their professional and personal lives.

This training requires your willingness to be deeply curious and your courage to play on your edge. Expect to be uncomfortable. We will challenge you to investigate your beliefs and take responsibility for your results, while asking others to do the same. Feedback rich environments are a cornerstone of conscious leadership. Come ready to give and receive feedback in a way you’ve likely not experienced before.

 **If you are considering coming with a colleague, it will be important that you’re willing to be authentic with your colleague in the room.**

What are the prerequisites? 

You need to have completed one of the following:

  • Attended a Taste of Conscious Leadership
  • Attended Introduction to Conscious Leadership 4-Week Virtual Course
  • Had at least (6) 1:1 coaching sessions with a CLG coach
  • Have worked with CLG in your company
  • Been in a CLG Forum

What are the benefits? 

Leaders who integrate conscious leadership experience a greater sense of wellbeing. They experience more energy, creativity, and connection. 

You’ll take away effective tools to build deeper self-awareness, including processes to increase emotional and body intelligence, productive communication techniques, a heightened sense of individual responsibility vs. blaming, and strategies for reducing drama and building trust with your team(s) and in all areas of your life.

What do I need to do to prepare? 

Read about commitments 1-6 (pp. 1-173) in the book, The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership by CLG Co-Founders, Jim Dethmer and Diana Chapman.

What are the logistics?

  • Two consecutive days from 9:30am-4:30pm PT on Zoom. There will be breaks, including a meal break each day.
  • Cost: $1,200
    The payment & registration details will be sent to you upon acceptance of your application.
  • Participants: 20

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