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Sponsor a Corporate Taste

What is a Taste of Conscious Leadership event?

An experiential half-day training that provides an overview of conscious leadership. Attendees come face to face with the behaviors that cause drama in their lives and teams, and learn the basics of how to build trust and a conscious culture.

What does becoming a corporate sponsor for a Taste event entail?

You allow CLG to hold the half day Taste event in your space in exchange for 5 free tickets.

What is the duration of the Taste event?

  • Taste events are half day trainings that run 4.5 hours.
  • The best timeframe for these events is 1-5:30pm.

What do you need to provide for a Taste event?

  • A conference room or meeting room without any tables. The only furniture in the room should be chairs for each attendee and facilitator(s). 
  • Event space must be large enough to hold a minimum of 25 people (up to 50 maximum) sitting in a circle.
  • The space should be private so people are free to move about and make a moderate amount of noise. 
  • There must be A/V capabilities in the room so we can play videos with sound.
  • Rooms with natural light are preferred.
  • Parking options nearby for attendees.
  • Accessible bathrooms. 
  • Water & coffee/tea service

What is the unique value of being a corporate sponsor?

  • 5 complimentary tickets to the event. $1,000 value.
  • Easy for anyone in your organization to attend. 
  • Co-branding opportunity. Show your teams, industry, and the world that you value conscious leadership.
  • Attract potential team members who value conscious leadership to your organization. 

What are other people saying about CLG’s Taste events?

Our Taste events have gotten rave reviews across the country. A sampling of the buzz: 

  • “This training helped me become aware of when I am leading consciously and unconsciously”
  • ”I enjoyed how interactive it was and got practical tools I could apply immediately.”
  • “I now have a greater understanding of the practice and application of conscious leadership principles. This was a very valuable training.”

How do I become a corporate sponsor?

Contact us at

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