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Taste of Conscious Leadership

This event is for leaders to explore the core concepts and models of conscious leadership. We introduce the technologies we use to support peak engagement, innovation, and drama-free collaboration.

This event is highly experiential. Participants will engage in multiple exercises in pairs and triads with follow-up full group debriefs. Each participant will explore a relationship challenge and learn how they can permanently shift the pattern.

Our work is being used inside organizations including Asana, Leo Burnett Group, Genentech, World Bank, Greenville Health Systems, SAP, and more.

Participants will learn...

  • What conscious leadership is
  • The difference between leading from trust vs. threat
  • How to identify their own threat patterns
  • Technologies to shift from threat to trust (for individuals and the group)

What we cover

Context versus Content. Paying attention to context is the key to a drama free culture.

Leading from Trust Vs. Fear. This distinction is at the heart of repeating drama patterns in organizations. Understanding this model immediately shifts the effectiveness of conversations both team and organization wide.

The 4 Questions of Conscious Leadership. Four key questions designed to be used ongoing to build self awareness and become a more conscious leader.  

The 15 Commitments. This model outlines behaviors and beliefs that are the most significant limiting factors for a team. The primary focus is on the cornerstone commitments 1 and 2.

The Drama Triangle. The Triangle roles of Victim, Villain, and Hero describes the go-to positions that create and perpetuate drama and limit organizational growth and creativity.

Willingness to Shift. We cover the difference between wanting to shift and being willing to shift. We provide willingness questions to help teams discover if they’re actually willing to shift the issues they say they want to change.

Shift Technologies. We introduce simple technologies that you can immediately put into action in the midst of challenging interactions to change the dynamic and outcome by shifting from threat to trust.


We hold Taste of Conscious Leadership Events in major U.S. cities, generally on a weekday for 4.5 hours. See upcoming Tastes here. We also offer full day Introduction to Conscious Leadership events within an organization for leadership teams. Learn more here.

How to Prepare

Though there isn’t anything you need to do in advance to receive high value from the experience, we recommend that you read The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership.  

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