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YPO Facilitation

We've supported YPOers in 25 countries & counting.

CLG has supported YPO members in 25 countries and counting. We deeply enjoy working with YPO forums and chapters because we find the members particularly curious and open to learning. 

If you’re looking for something new and challenging for your forum or chapter, you’ve in the right place.

Forum Retreats

Introduction to Conscious Leadership

Issues recycle in people’s lives and on their teams because they focus on content before they address their context. Content is the what. Context is your state of consciousness in relationship with the what. Are you coming from a state of threat or in trust? If you’re in a state of  threat (whether a little or a lot) while addressing the content, the issue will almost always recycle.

We see issue recycling as a common pattern in forums. Think about your forum mates; you likely bring to a mind recycling issue for each member. The forum does not ask the individual to address their context first, so they hear about the content month after month.  We have a solution for this.

We'll cover:

  • The Four Questions of Conscious Leadership, which you can use in your forum after the training to support one another to permanently resolve your issues.
  • Empowering your Forum to practice on your own by providing very specific structures for self-facilitation.
  • New themes to explore to shift the attention from focusing on problems to exploring new visions and unimagined possibilities.

An Introduction to the Enneagram 

The Enneagram has become one of the most valuable tools in our tool belt for personal awareness and transformation for leaders. Before the retreat, each Forum member gets typed by one of our certified Enneagram typers tto make sure you have decided on the best fit.  Then we come in an facilitate in introduction to the model to help you learn more about yourself and your Forum-mates.

The intention of the retreat is to know yourselves and one another better, and to learn how to better support one another by gaining a deeper understanding of everyone's gifts and blindspots.

We'll cover:

  • An overview of the Enneagram model
  • The types of each member
  • How best to give and receive feedback to each of your Forum-mates
  • Type specific defense mechanisms that cause you to get reactive

This training can be combined with an Introduction to Conscious Leadership (above) as well which has been a big hit with many Forums.

Living in Your Zone of Genius

Your zone of genius is where your passions and innate gifts intersect, commonly referred to as a flow state. When in their zone of genius, people often lose track of time and space because they are so deeply immersed. Gay Hendricks coined the concept in his book, The Big Leap, which is a favorite among our clients. 

We'll cover: 

  • We support each member to clarify and articulate their zone of genius
  • How to spend an ever increasing ratio of your time living from genius.
  • Surfacing unconscious fears that keep you from living more in genius.

This event tends to be an intimacy builder for new and existing Forums alike.

Chapter Events

We offer many trainings for Forum Chapters, including events where members are able to invite their closest business colleagues and/or significant others to learn and practice new ways of relating together. Themes include: 

Introduction to Conscious Leadership 

This is our most popular event where we teach leaders how to significantly reduce drama in their lives. You'll learn how to address your context, a state of reactivity or a state of responsiveness, before you tackle the content of your issue. When context is dealt with first, people are able to permanently solve their issues.  

Members will also learn how to use these models with with their forum-mates so that they are able to challenge one another in ways that feel supportive, and stop recycling issues.

Introduction to Conscious Relationship 

In this event couples are invited to attend to learn how to reduce drama in their relationships and end their most challenging issues with one another. Topics including parenting, communication, sex, and money will all be covered, as well as other issues that may arise in the room. 

Introduction to Conscious Parenting

Parenting is one of the most challenging jobs in the world because our own reactivity kicks up over and over. In this event, we teach you how to see parenting as a golden opportunity to grow in self awareness. People report that after this event they find they are less reactive with their children, think more creatively about how to solve their challenges with their children, and are less controlling parents.

Introduction to the Enneagram 

Before this event each member takes an online Enneagram assessment to get a better idea of what Enneagram type they are. During the training, everyone more firmly identifies their type as they are introduced to each of the 9 types by the facilitator. Members will learn how Forums can support each of the individual types, especially by addressing blind spots and living more in their flow state, which we call zone of genius.

Living in Your Zone of Genius 

Your zone of genius is where your passions and innate gifts intersect, commonly referred to as a flow state. When in their zone of genius, people often lose track of time and space because they are so deeply immersed. Gay Hendricks coined the concept in his book, The Big Leap, which is a favorite among our clients. 

This is a great event to support mixed Forums so that members can really get to know other people in the chapter. Groups of 6 will come together and each member will be supported to clarify their zone of genius.

Other Topics: Speaking & Facilitation

  • How to Create a Drama Free Culture in your Organization
  • How to Stop Recirculating Issues in your Forum
  • Generate More Energy & Wellbeing: Living with Integrity and Eliminating Obligation

Forum Moderation 

Hire a CLG facilitator to facilitate your Forum meetings to create higher engagement, deeper intimacy, direct and friendly ways to challenge one another, and more meaningful transformation. Facilitators can facilitate monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly.

Contact us to hire a CLG consultant as your Forum resource.

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For the past three years CLG has facilitated our YPO Forum retreats. I have found their facilitation to be very skillful. They have created both a safe and challenging environment that has supported my growth as an individual and our connection to one another as group members.
Shantanu Narayen
Adobe Systems, CEO
Diana moderated our most recent YPO forum retreat and quickly took our group of 10 CEOs to a deeper level. Diana is incredibly intuitive and able to quickly read people and situations. She can take people into unknown, sometimes uncomfortable territory in a supportive way, and importantly, she is respectful of each person's limits.
Kimberly Clouse
Via Global Advisors, Founder & CEO
Every once in a while you come across someone that changes your life. Diana has been one for me. She has facilitated multiple retreats for my YPO Forum. Her ability to "understand" who you are quickly and deeply is uncanny. I am a better husband, father, friend and leader as a result of Diana's coaching. It is not a question as to whether or not you can benefit from your time with Diana it is simply whether or not you are ready. You really can't afford to wait...I can give no higher rating of recommendation. Diana's a 10.
Gerry Burns
JMC Capital Partners, CEO
"Life changing" is the best way to describe Diana's influence onour forum. She has been a regular resource for five years and inthat time six out of eight forum members have made lifechanging decisions. I wish I had met her when I was 30!
Patrick Sweeney
dwinQ, Former Presdient & CEO
He was great! He was real, shared personally and made four hours feel like 30 mins! / Very inclusive and helped facilitate discussion well. / Tim was very open himself which made it easier for others to be open. / Tim was engaging, passionate, even paced, stimulating, self-aware in his delivery. / Explains complex emotional concept simply, deep sense of empathy, and leading by example in terms of showing vulnerability. / The feedback was unanimous: you really helped us move forward.
YPO Members
CLG Facilitator, YPO Members about Tim Peek