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Grace Clayton

Grace Clayton has twenty years experience coaching, teaching, and facilitating conscious leadership in the organizational world and beyond. She is a 1-1 coach, Forum facilitator, and consultant to leaders, teams, and organizations.

Known for directness and strength balanced by deep compassion, Grace builds trust quickly with her clients, and they count on her to skillfully and efficiently get the to the heart of the matter. She brings joy, fun, and play to every engagement, which greatly accelerates achieving key goals and objectives.

Leaders rely on her laser-focused interpersonal acumen to uncover insights and perspectives that result in more freedom and impact. Under her facilitation, groups achieve a new level of transparency, connection, authentic communication, and trust.

Grace’s education has been lifelong and self-directed, including The Hendricks Institute Leadership Program and  in-depth studies in yoga, meditation, and consciousness with master teachers around the world.

Her relationship with her husband is a cornerstone of her life, and she supports her clients to build similarly loving, conscious, connected, and dynamically raw and real relationships. Grace is an avid gardener; she keeps her blended family and many of their neighbors  in produce for half the year.


Grace Clayton

CLG and Grace Clayton along with my daily meditation practice have opened up pathways to greater acceptance of life just as it as, shifting my typical stance of victim or villain to creating more healthy and durable possibilities in virtually every facet of my business. Grace has been a powerful leader in my life, fiercely yet gently supporting me in every facet of this transformation. I continue to be in her Washington DC Leadership circle, and have immense energy and excitement working with her.
Marc Schlesinger
Landmarc, Founder
Working with Grace and following the conscious leadership commitments has been life-changing – what seemed complicated and dramatic now feels easy and playful. Our practice together has provided me a new level of self-awareness, confidence and courage which is propelling me to the next chapter of my life. Thank you, Thank you!
David T. Blair
Accountable Health, Inc., Executive Chairman
Grace's mastery of the 15 Commitments allows our meetings to be more like conversations that seem far more organic than structured. She has this incredible presence that draws you in and encourages authenticity and openness. Her kindness and sensitivity is so sincere and creates a very safe space for our practice. Somehow, Grace finds a balance at Forum that allows for organic exploration of topics while managing to keep all ten of us on track and focused.
Gary Griffin
The Bernstein Companies, Senior Vice President
I’ve read many books and listened to talks and gotten inspired, but then it’s gone. CLG gives really practical, easy steps to apply to real life, so I am seeing changes that are really working in my life. Grace has helped me break down how relationships work and how to make them successful. At work, I’ve become much more honest with colleagues and direct reports, and they feel me being more genuine. It has taken out the hierarchy of the situation, even though I am the boss, and we now feel the genuine human connection.
Manish Agrawal
Maryland Oncology Hematology, Physicians partner
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