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Kate Hutson

Kate Hutson coaches leaders and teams to grow in awareness of personality and relationship patterns, resulting in decreased drama, streamlined productivity, and aligned vision. Known for her challenging and playful presence, she creates the conditions for her clients to experience radical transformation and arrive at actionable solutions.

Kate holds a B.A. in Psychology from Miami University and an M.A. in Clinical Psychology from Wheaton College. Kate also has over ten years experience as a psychotherapist for individuals, couples, and families. She is trained in Somatic Experiencing, a body-based approach to treating trauma and other stress-related disorders.

When not coaching or counseling, Kate can be found on a walk along the Lake Michigan shore with her dog, hosting a gathering of friends in her home or exploring a new neighborhood in her hometown of Chicago.


Kate Hutson

Kate is one of the most gifted presenters I have come across. Her workshops are always fun, practical, and insightful. She uses her superpowers of listening, empathy, and support skills to facilitate participants growth through the process. She delightfully breaks down complex ideas and illustrates them in accessible and memorable ways. I always come away with something new and am never disappointed. She is an inspiration.
David Norton
Centennial Counseling Center, Founder & Former CEO
I had been a therapist in a private practice for over 10 years and was experiencing both the call to and fear of something new. Kate took my hand and danced with me through various commitment exercises and context conversations that helped me embrace both my fear of and longing for that change. She brings a rare combination of sincere yet playful presence to each session and was able to identify and draw out important “parts” of me that I had neglected or ignored for a long time. I feel immense gratitude for her investment in me and credit her with helping me make one of the most difficult and rewarding transitions of my vocational life.
Brian Lux
Clinical Services at Outreach Community Ministries, Inc., Director
Kate is an extraordinary human being. Her authenticity, acceptance, and insightful questioning challenge me to recognize when I am caught in my own drama, see and embrace who I am, and powerfully generate my life. She has a deep capacity to listen and is wholly trustworthy. The space she creates is naturally open and free, and her playful approach makes working with her fun and energizing. Kate is a pleasure to work with and a delight to know.
Heather K.P. Fincher
Baker Hostetler Washington D.C., Attorney
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Kate Hutson
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