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Kate Hutson

Kate Hutson coaches leaders and teams to grow in awareness of personality and relationship patterns, resulting in decreased drama, streamlined productivity, and aligned vision. Known for her challenging and playful presence, she creates the conditions for her clients to experience radical transformation and arrive at actionable solutions.

Kate holds a B.A. in Psychology from Miami University and an M.A. in Clinical Psychology from Wheaton College. Kate also has over ten years experience as a psychotherapist for individuals, couples, and families. She is trained in Somatic Experiencing, a body-based approach to treating trauma and other stress-related disorders.

When not coaching or counseling, Kate can be found on a walk along the Lake Michigan shore with her dog, hosting a gathering of friends in her home or exploring a new neighborhood in her hometown of Chicago.


Kate Hutson

I have worked with few coaches throughout my career but no one has made as much impact on my personal development as Kate. She is an exceptional career coach and a wonderful person. Kate is a great listener, and asks thought-provoking questions. She acknowledges practical and emotional considerations of a difficult situation and conflict, and finds easy to implement solutions that she also helps rehearse with her clients to give them additional confidence and preparation for their important discussions. I always look forward to my sessions with Kate because I know I will learn a lot from our interactions. She has helped me become a calmer leader, and has made me see and approach problems with a more playful, drama-free angle, which in turn makes problem-solving less exhausting and more straightforward and fun. I feel that after talking to Kate I can handle any issue, and that nothing is that big of a deal! I highly recommend Kate and CLG to anyone looking to learn about themselves, grow into a better leader, and become more masterful in dealing with people and problems, at and outside of work.
Zlata Gleason
CFA Partner, Head of Client Advisory Group at Indus Capital Partners, LLC
My time with Kate is like coming home to a warm, safe place where I’m fully seen without judgment. I'm able to explore and nurture all the tender parts that hold me back and keep me small. She knows how to ask just the right questions to open my perspective and see new possibilities for being and doing, dramatically improving my impact on the world – at work and at home.
Yolanda Beattie
Director at Yo&Co
Kate is one of the most gifted presenters I have come across. Her workshops are always fun, practical, and insightful. She uses her superpowers of listening, empathy, and support skills to facilitate participants growth through the process. She delightfully breaks down complex ideas and illustrates them in accessible and memorable ways. I always come away with something new and am never disappointed. She is an inspiration.
David Norton
Centennial Counseling Center, Founder & Former CEO
Kate's knowledge and skill with the CLG model of coaching is solid. To that, she brings a wealth of experience and knowledge from her previous work. Her coaching stance is welcoming and open and allows me space to do the work I need to on myself toward growing my leadership stance. Highly recommend Kate!
Patrick Schmitz
CEO at Bert Nash Community Mental Health Center
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