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March 7, 2024

60 Questions to Help You Hire for Consciousness

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Creating a conscious culture requires conscious hiring. If you want to create a culture with minimal drama, you need to attract and hire people who want to play that same game. 

How can you know if someone is a good fit for an organization that practices the 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership?

We’ve written before about 3 Steps to Conscious Onboarding, and How to Assess Self-Awareness in a Hiring Interview. As we expressed, it’s essential to be direct and upfront about your commitment to conscious leadership at the beginning of a hiring process. Let interviewees know that self-awareness is central to your culture. Give them an opportunity to learn more by asking candidates to read the “The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership,” or sending them our Conscious Leadership basics page. Make it clear that conscious leadership  is part of your cultural operating system. 

After clearly communicating that conscious leadership is foundational, ask probing, curious, and challenging interview questions. This will help you discover how curious, open, and/or committed candidates are to living and leading from presence (above-the-line) versus threat (below-the-line).  In particular, you want to hone in on how aware of their patterns potential hires are.

Remember that you’re not looking for people to be perfect, or even to have any significant mastery of The 15 Commitments. You’re interviewing for self-awareness and the ability to honestly self-assess.  What makes a person coachable is their ability to see, assess, then shift. You’re looking for someone who is capable of playing the game with you—or clear signs that they’re not. Knowing no one’s perfect, look for the level of willingness and fit that matches your culture.

We recently interviewed a candidate who was very concerned about doing things right. It became clear that their inner critic was way too loud to work well on our team. It wasn’t going to be a friendly fit for the game we’re playing; we were able to spot this mismatch before getting too far into the process.

You’ll likely find some of the questions challenging or uncomfortable to ask. This is by design. Culturally misaligned hiring often happens because leaders aren’t willing to step into the role of challenger (bringing loving pressure) during the interviewing process. As you read the questions, ask yourself: Am I willing to bring this kind of challenge?

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