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Diana Chapman

Diana Chapman is an advisor to exceptional leaders who has worked with over 1000 organizational leaders and many of their teams, and is a founding partner at Conscious Leadership Group. She has created and implemented professional onboarding and ongoing programs—based on the comprehensive body of work she developed with CLG co-founder Jim Dethmer—with clients such as Asana and Esalen.

In addition to facilitating CLG Forums in the Bay Area for founders, venture capitalists, and CEOs, Diana facilitates YPO Forums and Chapters worldwide. She also trains coaches in conscious leadership in the CLG training program she and Jim created.

Diana co-authored the best-selling book, The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership: A New Paradigm for Sustainable Success, in 2015. She has been a speaker at TEDx, Mindful Leadership Summit, Wisdom 2.0, Stanford Graduate School of Business, Haas School of Business, YPO, and Kauffman Fellows.

Diana lives in Scotts Valley, CA with her husband.


Diana Chapman

Working with Diana has dramatically changed the way I react to challenges and stress in my life, preserving my energy to direct toward more constructive pursuits. As a coach, she has a gift for guiding me through introspection on the stories I create about events and people in a structured way that inevitably leads to perspective shifts. We can’t control the fact that "bad" things are going to happen, but how we react to those events is what really matters and that we can learn to control. When we have the right attitude and resourcing, adversity becomes strictly an opportunity to learn and grow.
Dustin Moskovitz
Asana, Co-Founder
Diana is one of the best, if not the best, life teachers I have ever worked with. As an executive of a high-profile software company, Diana is indispensable council on all things relating to working with myself and others. In my personal life, she has dramatically impacted the way I see the world, opened my eyes to critical metapatterns, and helped me to "get" things I've struggled to fully internalize. Diana offers nothing less than direct transmission of her embodied wisdom.
Justin Rosenstein
Asana, Co-Founder
Diana has been moderating our forum for several years now and the difference before and after she came aboard as facilitator is night and day. We have made incredible breakthroughs individually and as a group and I credit Diana entirely with making that happen. She has a deeply thoughtful framework for helping people shift their perspectives on important life issues and is strong, supportive, insightful and masterful at helping you face your demons. If you are willing to dig deep to become a better person, Diana is the guide you want by your side for that journey.
Jason Green
Emergence Capital, Founding General Partner
Diana Chapman has taught me not to settle for the leader that I am today. She has encouraged me to be curious about the ways I can tap into my better self to lead even more effectively with skill and grace.
Mellody Hobson
President Ariel Investments Chairwoman DreamWorks Animation SKG, Inc., Board of Directors of the Starbucks Corporation, The Estée Lauder Companies Inc. and Groupon
I have worked with Diana both personally and with my team since 2009. She is a really amazing coach who has had a profound impact on my life. I am so excited about what she and Jim Dethmer have built at the Conscious Leadership Group and the way they help so many live and lead in more conscious ways. Check out their book: The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership: A New Paradigm for Sustainable Success.
Jim Barnett
Glint Inc., CEO & Co-Founder
Diana’s advice and guidance has been invaluable to me. Not only has she helped me gain the tools and perspective to make major positive shifts in my career and personal and family life, but the insights I have gained have added a whole new perspective on the work I do with my own clients.
Dr. Laura Berman
Berman Center, LCSW, PhD, Director
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