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May 16, 2023

The Playbook for Navigating Uncertainty

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"The only things certain in life are death and taxes." If that's true, it leaves a lot of room in the world for uncertainty.

Instead of letting worry grind you down, focus on your mindset. When you can navigate uncertainty with confidence, you become more alive, engaged, and impactful even in the eye of a storm.

1. Allow yourself to feel your feelings. 

Uncertainty and change can bring up uncomfortable feelings we’d rather ignore. But here’s the thing; the uncomfortable feelings that arise in these moments are trying to tell you something important. Don’t run away from them—instead, lean in.

We challenge you to sit with these feelings, even (especially) tough ones like fear and grief. Give yourself the space to fully experience them and understand the intelligence they’re trying to communicate.

Doing this can help you tap into a well of creativity and insight that might otherwise remain hidden. 

Say you’re worried that you don’t have the perks to outcompete your competitors in attracting young talent. When you embrace the fear of losing top talent to competitors, you may come up with innovative solutions to make you competitive, like offering wellness benefits or flexible work arrangements. 

Don’t be afraid to get a little uncomfortable. The payoff can be huge.

2. Identify what the uncertainty is inviting.

Don’t let uncertainty catch you off guard. Instead, use it as a springboard for growth. View the unknown as an invitation to explore new possibilities. 

Say that vast body of investor money you need to fund your company becomes a kiddie pool. It could be a blessing in disguise.

It might be time to get creative and reimagine your business pitch to attract fresh investors and explore new directions you never thought possible. 

When the uncertainty seems overwhelming, open your eyes to the possibilities it brings. 

3. Embrace the world as your ally. 

At the Conscious Leadership Group, we turn the phrase “this is happening to me” on its head and say “this is happening for me.” It’s not easy, especially when everything seems to be crumbling around you, but when you adopt this mindset, you start seeing the world as your ally, and life unfolds in ways you might never have imagined... 

We’re aware that AI will disrupt the coaching industry. We choose to ask ourselves: What will we get to learn and experience through AI disruption that we never would have learned otherwise?" This turns the disruption into an ally for growth versus a problem to fear. 

We’re at the very beginnings of an AI disruption, but what we’ve learned so far is that the looming disruption has people yearning for in-person connection and community. So instead of scrambling to figure out how to leverage AI (which we very well may embrace at some point), we’re creating more opportunities for in-person connection, like Forum and our upcoming Integrity Boot Camp

With this shift in perspective, change becomes a powerful force to meet the moment from presence with confidence.

4. Source approval from within.  

Your ego needs three things. 

  1. Approval 
  2. Control 
  3. Security

You already possess the ability to fulfill these three needs from within.

When you learn to source approval, control, and security from within, you’re more likely to see change through clear eyes instead of threat. When faced with the chaos and uncertainty, ask yourself: 

How can I take resonsibility for internally sourcing approval, control, and security?

Our desire for approval, control, and security is natural; it’s part of our innate survival mechanism. The egoic trap is that when we're feeling threatened and reactive, we believe that we’re lacking in these three core needs, and therefore look outside ourselves to fulfill them. The shift move is to pause to welcome our wanting of approval, control, and security. Then to check in this moment—not the past, or the future or outside of ourselves—is there really anything lacking or missing? 

This is a master skill that we need to use again and again—especially in times of uncertainty— to bring ourselves back to presence. The more skilled we are, the more able we are to weather any storm. 

5. Find play in the seriousness. 

We can’t emphasize too strongly how key play is in navigating uncertainty. Play is a powerful way of being that keeps us open to learning, especially in response to serious challenges.

In the face of a problem like finding company funding, it can be easy to get bogged down in the gravity of a situation. It’s not that you shouldn’t honor the significance of the consequences of your choices, but when you find play and have fun, you create space for creativity and innovation to emerge. 

Remember, there is no shadow without light. To navigate uncertainty, you must be willing to find the light in the dark and the dark in the light. This is where the real magic happens—when you lean into the tension, you’re on the path to experiencing your full potential and aliveness. 

Uncertainty Meditation

Learn three techniques to use to come back to presence during the heat of uncertainty, chaos, or disruption. Led by Erica Schreiber, CEO.

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