Conscious Parenting Webinar 5.14.20

Webinar Recording

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Next Step: Conscious Parenting 4-Week Course

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Weekly on Zoom: June 10, 17, 24, July 1 / 10:30AM-12:00PM PST
***Early Bird Pricing: $135/family until May 15 at Noon PST*** Regular Price: $150/family
Family = Up to 2 Parents per Registration

Expect to explore many of the topics below, and more:
How to...

  • Create healthy boundaries with your children
  • Minimize your reactivity to your children's behavior
  • Skillfully address your children’s fears
  • Discipline from responsiveness vs reactivity
  • Reduce drama among co-parents
  • Use your relationship with your children to build self-awareness

Resources from the Webinar

Get Grounded in the Foundations of Conscious Leadership

For those of you new to CLG, walk through our foundational concepts here. For those of you who are familiar with our work, this is a great page to send to friends you'd like to introduce our models to.

100% Responsibility

Use this handout to take responsibility for how you're creating the results with your children that you're complaining about.

Want more resources on 100% responsibility? Find them here.


In order to parent with curiosity, we highly recommend that learn to question the beliefs you want to be right about. We recommend using The Work of Byron Katie to investigate your stories and open to new possibilities.

Want more resources on curiosity? Find them here.


Emotional intelligence is key to being able to stay present and aware as a parent.

Want more resources on feeling your feelings? Find them here.

More Conscious Parenting Resources

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After attending the webinar or watching the video above, please take 5 minutes (max) to fill out this survey so we can learn and grow, and to find out how we can best support you over time.

Conscious Leadership

It begins with you.

We recommend starting with these three steps:

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