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Conscious Leadership Virtual Forums F.A.Q.

What is a Conscious Leadership Virtual Forum?

A virtual forum of organizational leaders who come together to practice consciousness and conscious leadership with a group of like-minded leaders. Forum members challenge themselves and one another to live a life aligned with The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership. Forums are led by certified CLG facilitators.

What is the unique value of a Forum experience?

This particular group format provides unrivaled learning experiences and outcomes:

  • The group feedback process reveals and remedies long hidden blind spots and unconscious commitments. Issues that have been recycling can then come to resolution.  
  • An unwavering commitment to transparency allows each member's most authentic self to come forward.
  • A group dedicated to aligning with the 15 commitments creates a rare climate of trust that sets the stage for transformation.

Who can participate?

We offer two types of National Forums: The first is for CEOs, Presidents, and Executive Directors. The other is for senior executives and upper management. You must fall into one of these categories in order to join a National Forum.

How many people are in a forum?

Forums are made up of 10 members and 1-2 facilitators.

What is the time commitment?

Ten monthly four hour virtual meetings over the course of one year, and a four day in person retreat.

How long is the commitment?

One year with the opportunity to recommit annually.

Where do forums meet?

Monthly meetings are virtual via video conference. The facilitator will decide the location of the four day in person retreat based on the location range of members.

How much does it cost?

$7500 per year, plus food and lodging for the retreat.

Are scholarships available?

Yes, limited funds are available.

What is the refund policy?

After you attend the intro event and choose to commit to the forum, there are no refunds.

Is there an attendance policy?

Yes, every member agrees to attend at least 8 of the 10 forum meetings and the four day retreat.

Are there other requirements?

Every forum member agrees to…

  1. have a personal meditation practice.
  2. have a learning partner from the forum with whom they talk at least 30 minutes a week.
  3. post on the private forum webpage once a week giving a status update and to comment on other member’s updates (30 minutes a week time investment).
  4. have an enneagram assessment/interview (unless you have done so already) with a CLG coach to determine or confirm your enneagram type. Cost is $500.  

How is a CLG forum different from other forums?

CLG forums focus on context. Most groups focus on the content of a member’s issue. We listen in order to understand the content, but our primary focus is on the context from which the content arises. In doing so, we support members in permanently resolving issues. Watch this video to learn more about the relationship between content and context.

We believe that the deepest transformation comes when a facilitator has mastery in both the 15 commitments and coaching others. Therefore, all of our forums are facilitated by trained and certified CLG coaches. Our forums prioritize self awareness over socializing, giving business advice, or networking.

What do forum members say about their experience?

“I intellectually grasped consciousness before joining CLG, but often struggled to maintain it in my everyday life. CLG Forum provided me with a community of supportive like minded leaders who are committed to practicing together. Friends and family reflect that I'm more present, relaxed and enjoyable to be around. My experience is that I make better decisions and feel much lower levels of stress.”

Jim Placio, Senior Managing Director, Macquarie Bank Ltd

“My CLG forum is a safe place to process, grow and change from the inside-out. There are already ripple effects in the organization that I lead. Since being in this group I can see how the culture of our organization is unfolding into a more productive and playful place. I highly recommend joining a CLG Forum. it will dramatically change your life and leadership.”  

Jeanne Stevens, Lead Pastor, Soul City Church

“CLG Forum has given me a level of calmness and awareness that I didn't know existed. It's truly changed my outlook and approach to life.”

David Blair, Executive Chairman, Accountable Health, Inc.

“I spent several years in a YPO forum meeting wonderful people and creating great memories, but it has been my CLG Forum has been a catalyst for massive change in every area of my life; personally, professionally, financially and spiritually.  I now experience more love and joy on a daily basis than at any other time in my life.”

Nathan Olivas, Former CEO, Progeny

“CLG Forum is a place where forward-thinking, conscious people come together to explore conscious leading and living. Ten people with one goal. Forum is an amazingly supportive environment where life-long friendships are made.”

Peter Verros, Partner, Verros, Lafakis & Berkshire, PC

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