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Deb Katz

Deb Katz has more than twenty years experience pioneering new models in conscious leadership in the organizational world. She coaches leaders 1-1, facilitates teams, and consults for organizational and cultural transformation.

She is known to radiate warmth and presence, to tell it like it is, and to walk her talk with a focused gentle fierceness. Deb is a powerhouse of a human being and leader.

Deb holds a BA in sociology with a focus on Collective Behavior/Organizational Development from San Diego State University, and an RN from Cabrillo College with years of practice in cardiac and hospice care. She also has training in somatic psychology and the Enneagram.

When not coaching or consulting, Deb is likely to be dancing, hiking, working in the garden or on her stand up paddle board. Deb lives in Portland, Oregon, and travels the world to spread conscious leadership.


Deb Katz

My executive coaching and Conscious Leadership (CL) development with Deb Katz is a personally and professionally rewarding experience. Through working with Deb, I have greatly expanded my ability to focus, pause, and respond rather than react. My team and I deal with difficult communications much faster which leads to fewer miscommunications, grudges and gossip, increasing trust and collaboration. I am confident that anyone committed to professional development, self-enrichment, and a true-sense of well-being, will find the decision to engage on the CL and executive coach journey with Deb a gift, one designed for lifelong sustainability.
Michelle Taylor-Smith
Patient Care Services, Vice President; Greenville Health System, Chief Nursing & Experience Officer
Deb has provided me considerable insight into my own situations and examples that I would have never of arrived at on my own or solely by applying what I had read. I’ve been able to navigate some tricky situations that, before Deb, I would have committed the same mistakes, getting the same results–which would have been less than ideal. Conscious Leadership provided the content; Deb has facilitated expert application. As a coach, she didn’t provide me with just the proverbial fish, she has taught me how to fish as only a great coach can.
Adam Landrum
Up&Up , President and CEO
Deb has an amazing way of staying fully present while also bringing vitality to a room. She radiates warmth and presence and gently (and sometimes with compassionate strength) guides a person or a team to a place where they’re in their discomfort zone, challenging their existing belief system structure. All of this is done not from a place of “I’m telling you what’s right”, but rather “it’s something to consider.” I couldn’t ask for anyone better to guide us through our Conscious Leadership journey.
Christine O'Shea
SAP Ariba, Senior Director of Inspiration
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Deb Katz
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