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Chief Impact Officer

Erica Schreiber

A partner at CLG, Erica leads brand and communication and has a hand in all things operational and strategic. 

Erica works with forward-thinking leaders and teams who are devoted to aligning with purpose and maximizing impact.

Her clients seek insight and loving challenge—from outside their usual circles—to go all the way with who they are and what they’re here to do. They rely on her ability to see them in a way they've never been seen, articulate who they are and what is theirs to do, and to lay out the action steps needed to align with purpose and maximize impact.

Erica holds a B.A. in cultural anthropology from Swarthmore College. She lives in Santa Barbara, CA with her son.


Erica Schreiber

It was an absolute pleasure working with Erica. She made efficient use of our time together and we completed our project in a short time frame. The resulting Identity Map and Impact Plan that Erica prepared was eye-opening and gave me a clear sense of my strengths, blind-spots and purpose. Thank you! Thank you!
David Blair
Executive Chairman, Accountable Health Solutions
Erica has the unique ability to lift the fog off the road ahead, shine a bright light on what matters to you most in life and to masterfully design a roadmap that will serve as your guide. She is such a pleasure to work with.
Peter Parthenis
President & CEO, Grecian Delight Foods, Inc.
Not only is Erica able to embrace and understand people and industries with amazing skill, she is passionate, exceptionally smart and intuitive, over-delivers and is a blast to work with.
Rob Rubin
CEO, Bridgewater Wealth
Erica helped us discover and articulate our true genius. She has the unique ability to take disparate thoughts and translate them into a cohesive guide for accomplishing one’s life work. Erica can get more done in one laughter-filled strategy session than anyone we have known. We thank our lucky stars for her.
Malte Muenke & Raychel Muenke, PhD.
Malte, Co-Founder Expertcity (now Citrix); with Raychel, Co-Founders, NextCurrent
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