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April 12, 2016

5 Steps to Create Win-For-All Solutions

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It’s rare for us to see people create win-for-all solutions in the workplace. More often, we see people compromise (lose/lose) or one side gives up what they want to the other (win/lose).

If you want to learn how to create win-for-all solutions, we recommend these five key steps:

1. Be radically selfish. This may sound counterintuitive because most of us believe we need to be thinking of the others needs in order to create a win/win. Instead we encourage you to get very clear inside yourself on what you MOST want.

2. Reveal yourself authentically. It’s impossible for all parties to begin a co-creative process of designing a win-for-all if people have not shared with one another exactly what they want. Do your best to be authentic about what would most serve you.

3. Co-commit to getting what you all most want. Have each party commit to getting their own needs met and commit to supporting the other in getting their needs met. Allow your whole self—head, heart and gut—to stand for everyone getting what they want. At this point you don’t have to know “how”, you just need to be willing to create it.

4. Step into wonder and curiosity. This step requires you to let go of what you know and allow yourself to be in the unknown. Look to young children as role models to do this step. They move through the world asking big questions from a place of awe that has them learning at rapids rates. Get playful, imaginative and creative as you give yourself plenty of time to discover a solution where everyone wins.

5. Confirm with a whole body yes. If the result is truly a win for each of you, you’ll experience more energy in your body, an ease in your breath, and an overall sense of well being. Be sure that all parties are experiencing a whole body yes before you confirm a solution.  

It often takes a little more time and a lot of imaginative thinking to create win-for-all solutions and we think you will agree that the investment is well worth the engagement that comes when everyone is experiencing a win.

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