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August 16, 2018

Walking Our Talk: A Whole Body Yes Business Decision and New Resources for You

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This past year, we’ve seen a spike in incoming requests to use and license our materials. As the requests poured in, we noticed ourselves wanting to control how people used our materials. After all, we’ve dedicated—and continue to dedicate—LOTS of time and resources (money!)  into creating handouts, videos, and audio recordings.

As practitioners of our own work, we’re aware that it’s possible to create a traditional licensing policy from above the line. Yet each time we explored this option—which we did more than a handful of times—we noticed that a sense of scarcity and a desire to control crept in. For us, there wasn’t a traditional licensing option that we had a whole body yes to. So…

Time to let go. Time to surrender. Time to trust.

From this place, we asked what most wanted to come through us. We got curious about how we could both provide and receive radical support. We paused, got quiet and clear, and listened for what wanted to happen.

The result is a content use policy that we believe is a win for all. One that is in the best interests of CLG, our work, the conscious leadership community (you!), and the world. A policy that also honors a core principle of ours: in a field of equal options, go with the simplest and most lightweight solution.

We’re offering all of our handouts, videos, and audios that are available online for personal, educational, and professional use (as long as you attribute and don’t sell any materials) with the ask that you tune into the value they hold for you and contribute that amount to CLG. Read the full policy here.

As our desire to control dissolved, our enthusiasm to make our resources as robust and user friendly went through the roof…

We are excited to announce that you can now browse all resources by commitment, each commitment has its own page, and more resources are on the way.

Regardless of whether this is the smartest financial move, ultimately it’s where our whole body yes lies; it’s what brings us a sense of alignment and aliveness.

True to our own process, we’re in the unknown and don’t know where this will lead. Yet, we’re not only willing, but excited to stand for our values, experiment, learn, and see what happens.

To whole body yes business decisions,

Jim, Diana, Erica

P.S. If you’re interested in using our content, read our Content Use Policy  

P.P.S. If you’re currently using our content and feel inspired to contribute today... 

P.P.P.S. If you’re a coach, team leader, or HR professional and want to go to the source for training in how to use the content (the real secret sauce) in your business or organization, consider applying to our next 15 Commitments Coaches Training Program starting in October 2018. If you’re interested, don’t delay; our past two trainings have sold out.

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