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Emotional Intelligence


Emotional intelligence — knowing how to name and work with feelings — is one of the core skills of conscious leadership. It’s one we practice all the time ourselves: naming what emotions we’re noticing, welcoming them, and making space for them to move through. 

In order to support you to practice on your own and with your teams, we’ve collected all of our Emotional Intelligence resources here, where you’ll find meditations, videos, articles and handouts about working with each of the five core emotions.



  • Ask: “Who or what do I need to say NO to?” “What needs to stop?” “What is no longer of service to the whole?
  • Expressing Anger




“Who or what do I need to celebrate and appreciate fully?”

Sexual Feelings

  • Ask: “What wants to be created?” “What is calling for my full creative attention?” “What wants to be birthed into the world through me/us?” (Sexual feelings during innovation processes or decision-making are not about having sex, they are about creating. We get confused about this in life and it causes any number of issues).
  • Learn why we believe that sexual feelings are valuable in the workplace.

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