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Drama Tax


Your personal taxes are done for the year, right? Oh, but income taxes are but one type of tax we pay. There’s another tax we all pay, one that doesn’t contribute to bridges or roads or education or healthcare or the military: a drama tax.

Imagine your energy, aliveness, health, creativity, and intellect all at full capacity, like in a video game. Now imagine that every time you create or engage in drama that your levels of all these things go down, shaved right off the top. That’s your drama tax. 

Because we’re human, we’re all going to create some amount of drama. Our desire is to support all of us to minimize drama as much as possible, thus reducing  our drama taxes. 

We pay a drama tax every time that we expend energy that doesn’t flow back our way, which is unsustainable. There are so many ways to create unsustainable relationships, situations, and outcomes.  We’ve laid out at least 15 :-)

Some of the most common ways our clients pay a drama tax on the daily: 

  • Attending meetings they don’t want to attend because they don’t find them valuable
  • Having meetings after the meetings because they aren’t willing to practice candor 
  • Gossiping
  • Overwhelming themselves by saying yes to too much work
  • Not working primarily in their zones of genius and excellence, and spending the majority of their time in competence and incompetence

We want to help you to become more aware of your own drama tax burden. First, let’s remember that we create drama because we’re coming from a scared and threatened state, which is simply part of the human experience. As always, we start with acceptance: Are you willing to accept yourself for being scared and coming from a threatened state? 

In the spirit of play, we designed a Drama Tax Quiz so you can find out what drama tax bracket you’re in. In the spirit of growth (and reducing drama!), at the end of the quiz you’ll receive practices related to the areas that increase your drama tax burden the most. 

Drama Tax Quiz

‍Complete the 11 question quiz below to see what drama tax bracket you fall in. Receive targeted tips for the areas where you create the most drama tax burden.
*=required question (all questions are required)

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