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Conscious Culture Program

We'll walk you through the process of transforming your organization by drastically reducing drama and create a high-trust culture.
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1:1 Coaching for Top Leader

Culture is a reflection of the consciousness of the leader, which is why we require three months of 1:1 coaching* (at minimum) before any team engagement. After three months, we’ll assess if the leader is dedicated to practicing conscious leadership at work at home. For teams within larger organizations where active engagement with the organizational leader is out of reach, starting with the team leader may be sufficient.

*Leaders who are in CLG Forums can requestto skip this step.


***If the top leader demonstrates a commitment to creating a (more) conscious culture using CLG tools and wants to engage, we'll schedule the next steps to bring the conscious culture program to the senior leadership team.

Survey and Assessment

We uncover unique circumstances to be mindful of as we facilitate, and identify any significant issues to address before training begins.

Leadership Team 360

We’ll perform a Team 360, which will include specific feedback about the leader being coached. This will consist of (8) 30 minute calls. Email assessments will be given to an additional 10-15 people for feedback. You'll receive a report with a summary and actionable recommendations that your facilitator will review with you.

Conscious Culture Survey

We use this instrument to identify how much your team is leading from trust vs. threat and to gauge their relationship with each of the 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership. We repeat the same assessment at the conclusion of the Conscious Culture Program to offer a reflection on the impact of the program.

Team Training

A 6 Month Experience / Commitments 1-7 of The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership. Leadership Team Goes First.

After over a decade of experience with hundreds of organizations, we’ve  learned (sometimes the hard way) how important it is to have the leadership team trained first. The benefits are twofold:

(1) Leaders of the organization get a chance to practice and build skills in order to better practice with their direct reports when they begin their own learning process. This is particularly key for any leaders who have management issues with their direct reports.

(2) We find that when leadership teams practice and integrate these first seven commitments, those around them notice and celebrate the difference and are motivated to learn more (versus having it be something put upon them).

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Organizational Rollout

After the senior leadership team completes the Conscious Culture Program, we partner with you to customize next steps for the rest of your teams and organization.

Ongoing Training

Once your culture has integrated commitments 1-7, we offer advanced trainings to support you to continue to reduce drama and increase connection, creativity, and energy.

  • Training the senior leadership team in commitments 7-15
  • Enneagram Training
  • 1:1 Coaching
  • Establishing Organizational Forums
  • Training Internal Coach or Coaches (for Head of HR/Culture/People)
  • And more…