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One-off Events

Bring an engaging and highly interactive conscious leadership training to your team offsite or onsite, special event, or retreat.
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Introduction to Conscious Leadership

This highly experiential 4-week training (1.5 hours/week) is for anyone who is interested in exploring the core concepts and models of conscious leadership. Typically the classes are made up of organizational leaders, executive coaches, HR professionals, and parents. We introduce the basic tools we use to eliminate drama, build trust, and create conscious cultures. You will explore a personal or professional relationship challenge and learn how you can permanently shift the pattern. Up to 200 participants.

You'll walk away with an understanding of...

  • What conscious leadership is.
  • The difference between leading from trust vs. threat.
  • How to identify your own threat patterns.
  • Technologies for shifting from threat to trust.

Intro to Enneagram

Getting your team typed and trained as a group can be a collaboration game changer. Knowing your own types and the types of your team members deepens connection, empathy, collaboration, productivity, and often, fun(!).

  • One of our Expert Enneagram Typers will type all your team members

  • Your Enneagram Facilitator will lead a half- or full-day training where you’ll learn about the 9 Enneagram types and how they show up as different leadership styles. Everyone will gain greater insight into their own and their teammates strengths and challenges, and how they interact with one another based on type.

Zone of Genius

Your zone of genius is where your passions and innate gifts intersect, commonly referred to as a flow state. When in your zone of genius, you lose track of time and space because you are so deeply immersed. Gay Hendricks coined the concept in his book, The Big Leap, a favorite among our clients.

Training Topics

  • Identify each person’s zone of genius
  • Surface unconscious fears that keep you from living in your genius.
  • Learn how to increase the amount of time you spend in your genius.
  • Understand your different relational styles and how they interplay with one another.


In order to practice candor, you need to learn to take responsibility, stay curious, and be comfortable expressing and receiving the full expression of feelings. We'll lay the groundwork in this training to put candor center stage so you can create a feedback-rich environment that fosters connection and innovation.

100% Responsibility

Learn how to eliminate drama on your team by helping people shift from victimhood to taking 100% responsibility. Bring real team issues to the event for us to work with.  You’ll walk away knowing how to use our model to permanently resolve recycling patterns and issues.

Impeccable Agreements

Teams waste valuable time, resources, and energy dealing with sloppy or broken agreements. We’ll help you identify where your team's leaks are and teach you how to make impeccable agreements. Our process includes learning about whole body yeses—and nos—and a decision rights framework to bring more integrity and flow to your team.