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CLG Founders Jim Dethmer and Diana Chapman—and many of our coaches—deliver keynotes around the world. We've spoken at TEDx, Conscious Capitalism, Stanford Graduate School of Business, Haas School of Business, YPO, Kauffman Fellows, Mindful Leadership Summit, Wisdom 2.0, Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management, USC School of Medicine Greenville, and many organizations around the country and globe.
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Some of our favorite topics

  • The 4 Questions Every Conscious Leader Should Be Asking Themselves
  • How to Create a Drama Free Culture and Why Many Won’t Stop the Drama
  • Why Feelings Matter at Work and What Does it Really Look Like to be Emotionally Intelligent
  • How to End Gossip at Work
  • Living From a Whole Body Yes and How to Say No more Clearly
  • Why the Enneagram is One of The Most Valuable Personal Development Tools We Use
  • Why Intimacy Matters at Work and How to Create More of it.
  • What is Context Coaching and Why It Matters If We Want to Reduce Drama and Suffering in the World