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Welcome to The Conscious Leadership Group. Our intention is to radically support you to become a more conscious leader, grow in self-awareness, and eliminate drama at work and home.

Below you’ll find:

  • Our suggestions for next steps you can take to deepen your understanding of eliminating drama both at home and at work.
  • An additional link to our vast (free) resource library located on our website.

Resources from the Podcast

If you want to dig deeper below you’ll find a list of resources related to the topics that Jim and Tim discussed during the podcast. 

Conscious Breathing

Ready to give it a try? Listen to this guided meditation.


Emotional intelligence is key to being able to stay present and aware in the midst of change.

Want more resources on feeling your feelings? Find them here.

Approval, Control, Security, (Oneness)

Jim spoke about the practice of learning to source approval, control and security from within. 

  • Watch this video to get more clarity on this topic.
  • Listen to this guided meditation to learn how to be the source of security, control and approval in this moment.
  • Use this handout to identify the source of your threat.

Want more resources on approval, control, and security? Find them here.

From Blame to Taking Responsibility

Use this handout to learn how you are the creator of your experience.

Listen to this guided meditation on how to end blame.

Want more resources on ending blame? Find them here.

From Entitlement to Appreciation

Watch this video to learn more about how to shift from entitlement to appreciation.
Read this two article series: How to Be Resentful and Entitled and The Antidote to Entitlement and Appreciation.

Want more resources on appreciation? Find them here

The Four Ways of Leading-To Me / By Me / Through Me / As Me

Review this handout to understand the four states of being in the world and examples of how they apply to different themes in your life.


Jim mentioned the four pillars of integrity (unsaids, unkepts, unowned, and unfelts) that stand in the way of aliveness. 

  • Watch this video to review the four pillars of integrity.
  • Read this handout to learn about these four pillars.
  • Listen to this guided meditation to help you discover where you are out of integrity.
  • Use this guide to do an integrity inventory of your life.

Want more resources on integrity? Find them here.

Free Webinar: How to Reduce Drama and Stay Present

Join Jim Dethmer and Diana Chapman, co-founders of Conscious Leadership Group and co-authors of The Fifteen Commitments of Conscious Leadership, for a free webinar exclusively for you as a Tim Ferriss listener. They’ll walk you through the key elements of what it means to be a conscious leader* in your life, offer insights and tools to support you to begin practicing right away, and answer your questions.

*We define a conscious leader as a person who takes responsibility for their influence in the world.

Jim and Diana are excited to answer your questions. Tweet them to @consciouslg / #clgferriss

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