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Sierra Larson

Sierra is an executive coach and facilitator who supports leaders and teams to broaden their self-awareness and connection to one another. She brings over a decade of hands-on HR experience in scaling and transforming teams. Her most recent role was HR Director at Dropbox, where she spent 7 years supporting its evolution from pre-IPO startup to global public company. 

Sierra is known for her clarity, compassion and intuitive curiosity. Her clients say these qualities allow them to open up quickly in 1:1 coaching and jump immediately into deep, transformative work. Teams report stronger communication and more authentic connection after partnering with her.

Sierra is based in the Bay Area and holds a degree in Public Health from UC Berkeley. She loves exploring with her pup Juniper, recreating recipes from her travels and writing children's books.

Zone of Genius Process

Arrive at a clear articulation of your zone of genius.

Step 1: Best Stuff Exercise and Genius Campaign
You'll complete two exercises: one to mine your life experiences to shine a light on your zone of genius, and one to gather impressions from those who know you best.
Timing : 2-4 Weeks / Determined by You

Step 2: Analysis
Erica will review and analyze the results of the exercises.
Timing: 1 Week minimum after you've submitted both exercises

Step 3: Zoom Session #1 (1-hour)
Erica will share her reflections and analysis, including a thematically organized summary of the Genius Campaign. She'll guide you into a deeper exploration in order to reveal and articulate your Zone of Genius.

Step 4: Explore and Integrate
Time to reflect on your own about what we've uncovered and and articulated.
Timing: 1 week minimum / Determined by you and scheduling matches

Step 5: Zoom Session #2 (1-hour)
You and Erica will confirm your genius statement and explore what key habits, patterns, or beliefs that you need to address in order to live more fully in your zone of genius.

A report that includes a 1-page articulation of Zone of Genius and the summary of themes from the Genius Campaign, the full responses to the Genius Campaign, and a key practice or practices to support you to live more fully in your zone of genius.

Genius and Purpose Coaching

Deep support to uncover, claim, articulate and live a life aligned with genius & purpose.

Sierra designs the coaching structure and experience based on where you're at, what your goals are, and what will most serve you. In between sessions, she'll give you customized practices to uncover, claim, articulate, and integrate your zone of genius and purpose. The lines of communication are open; you'll be encouraged to stay in touch via email, text, and for brief on-the-fly conversations.

Prerequisite: Referral or interview with Sierra.

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Sierra Larson
Sierra Larson
Sierra Larson
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