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CLG Consulting FAQ

We created these FAQs to respond to the most commonly asked questions that leaders and teams have when considering engaging with us. Our ask is that you read the info below in its entirety. If you have more questions or are ready to engage, click to fill out a form at the bottom of the page, and we'll respond to your questions and/or reach out to set up a call. Again, we're so glad you're here!

Who is CLG?

We are a consultancy devoted to supporting leaders and their teams to build high trust cultures. We partner with you to reduce drama, attract and retain top talent, and increase engagement by teaching practical tools and frameworks your teams can easily integrate to create a best place to work.

We support our clients through coaching, consulting, forums, trainings, keynotes, and online resources.

Want to learn more about us and meet our world class team? 

CLG Team July 2019
Meet the Team

How is CLG different from other leadership consulting groups?

We bring a provocative leadership conversation to the organizational world by challenging leaders and teams to shift from a victimhood mindset to learning to take radical responsibility. We pay attention to context—how we are with any given issue or relationship—vs content in order to resolve issues and eliminate drama.

Watch this 3 minute video to learn more about how we're different.

What are the core models of CLG’s work?  

We are devoted practitioners who’ve studied broadly and pulled together the best models in the fields of consciousness, spirituality, and psychology. We then curated and distilled best practices and a curriculum to support business leaders. All of this is spelled out in our best-selling book, The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership. Get an overview of The 15 Commitments here.

Watch this 3 minute video to get the Big Idea:

What are the benefits/results that an organization or leader will experience from practicing conscious leadership?

Team members at client companies who integrate conscious leadership experience a greater sense of wellbeing. Our facilitation and technologies support peak engagement, innovation, and drama-free collaboration. Expect team members to experience more energy, creativity, and connection as they learn to live these commitments at work, at home, and everywhere in between. 

Our clients notice that conflicts are resolved more easily, drama declines significantly, and people feel more empowered, included, and valued. Work becomes a better place to be and stress levels go down, so unproductive and sick days decrease. All of this adds up to talent attraction, acquisition, and retention. 

Organizations that learn to create win for all solutions through conscious leadership training enjoy an increase in employee engagement and brand reputation, both of which influence the bottom line. 

Do you have examples of where you have been successful with other organizations? 

On our website, check out our client stories to learn more about how CLG has made an impact.

We have significant conflict occurring in our organization, how can CLG help us resolve this conflict? 

Yes, one of our specialties is conflict resolution.  Our curriculum is designed to support the most difficult conflicts by helping each individual face and accept their part in co-creating the conflict.  We also support everyone in discovering how to resolve the conflict if they are willing.

We are concerned some people on the team might not be open to these concepts, how do you deal with that? 

It’s normal and common that not everyone on the team will be fully open to engaging with our work.  We welcome and embrace healthy skepticism and allow people to go at their own individual pace unless their engagement becomes toxic to the team dynamic.  We often find that the most skeptical become the greatest supporters of the conscious leadership models over time.

Do you offer train the trainer programming?

We offer a one year coaches training program for those who are interested in learning how to embody The 15 Commitments and coach others using our models. We encourage our clients organizations to send someone from their team who will champion conscious leadership to this training.

Learn more about the coaches training program here

How do we onboard new employees who have not gone through CLG training?

There are many ways to onboard new employees so they're able to integrate into your culture.

Options include:
1.  Have them read our book, The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership and review related materials on our resources page that covers all of the content that the rest of the team has learned.

2.  Send them to A Taste of Conscious Leadership training (max 7 per event) in a city near you or online.

3.  Have us or your CLG trained in-house coach facilitate a 1-2 day training for your new employees.

How do you work with international leaders and organizations? 

Many of our consultants travel abroad to work with teams.  We also offer lower cost virtual trainings.

Why shouldn’t I work with you?

Practicing conscious leadership is not for the faint of heart; it takes massive courage. Conscious leadership requires time and attention and can be messy and uncomfortable. If leadership doesn’t stand for the value of everyone on the team practicing, it’s a setup for team divisions and discord.

If staying comfortable is important to you and your team, and you are MUCH more focused on the bottom line than building a high trust culture, we are not a match for you.

How do I bring conscious leadership into my culture?

STEP 1: Leader Goes First

We require your organizational leader to engage with and apply CLG frameworks to their life and leadership in order to confirm that they fully understand what they're committing to and to determine if they're a good fit for this work. For teams within larger organizations where active engagement with the organizational leader is out of reach, starting with the team leader may be sufficient. 

There are two options to meet this requirement:

1. Complete six 1:1 Coaching Sessions

2. Leader is a current member of a CLG Forum

STEP 2: Team Introduction to Conscious Leadership

This one day event is a highly experiential training where participants will engage in multiple exercises in pairs and triads with follow-up full group debriefs.  Each participant will explore a professional relationship challenge and learn how they can permanently shift the pattern. We use the same principles to explore a team dynamic of the group’s choosing


STEP 3: Conscious Culture Assessment

There are two parts to the assessment process: Culture 360 and Conscious Leadership Assessment. Together they allow us to deliver a comprehensive analysis of your culture and team through the lens of conscious leadership. Included are recommendations about where to put your attention to create a more conscious culture, and what next steps with CLG look like. 


STEP 4:  Conscious Culture Program

A 6 Month Experience / Commitments 1-7 of the 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership

Each month one of our consultants introduces a new commitment during an onsite or virtually and walks your team through its implementation. Practice is the key to creating a sustainable conscious culture. Depending on your level of investment, we provide additional practice tools to deepen and integrate each commitment. At completion, you’ll receive a conscious leadership assessment to measure cultural shifts and areas of focus for next steps. 


STEP 5: Ongoing Training

After completing the Conscious Culture Program or a customized program, we partner with you to create next steps. This can include:

  •  Extending the Conscious Culture Program beyond the senior leadership team
  • 1:1 Coaching 
  • Establishing Organizational Forums
  • Training Internal Coach or Coaches (for Head of HR/Culture/People)

Have More Questions? 

We aimed to be as thorough as possible, and we're happy to set up a call to address your questions that we haven't covered above. Fill out our consulting form and we'll reach out to you to schedule.

Ready to Engage? 

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