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Bridgewater Wealth

When CLG was invited into Bridgewater, the culture of this wealth management firm was rife with drama and gossip.

“We were in a lot of drama,” says CEO Ron Rubin.  “I just thought, well, this is how businesses work, and you have drama.  I never knew there was a difference.”

Now after five years of practicing, Ron says that the biggest change for Bridgewater is that it got them out of drama. Not only have employee engagement levels reached new highs, their business has been wildly successful, growing 4 X during that time, which Ron attributes in large part to practicing conscious leadership.  Other firms in their financial group are following Ron’s lead and beginning to integrate the 15 commitments into their cultures.

Appreciation for CLG's Impact

The Conscious Leadership Group and the 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership not only changed how we do business at Bridgewater, but they have changed my life personally. The company I founded in 1996 has been infused with new life, the culture is awake and aware, communication is crystal clear, and clients notice the difference. I’m so committed to conscious leadership now that I’m introducing the book and whole model to other CEOs in the finance industry.
Ron Rubin
Bridgewater Wealth, CEO
Since working with CLG I am much more aware of the personality of the team I am helping to lead. Each member of the team, including those who are leading me, have their own qualities, strengths and weaknesses. I am much more cognizant of this than in the past. I’m also more aware of my own personality quirks, and am able to look at myself honestly but without criticism. This awareness helps us to work together as a team with more efficiency, fun, and less drama. There is virtually no gossip in the office anymore. Being human, there is sometimes drama, but we are now aware when this happens and have the tools to work through it easily. The clearing model helps too, although it’s still difficult for some of us to sit quietly and listen, but we’re working on it!
Ann Brownholtz
Principal & Senior Tax Advisor
CLG has given me a framework for deeper connection with those around me, including coworkers, family and friends. While visiting my grandmother I mentioned to her the difference between above the line and below the line. She was fascinated, and two hours of commitments later, we were going through the drama triangle and states of being. It enabled me to converse with her at a whole new level of candor. CLG has been particularly beneficial to firm culture by introducing concepts with a lexicon. This common language gives everyone the ability to practice the commitments in unambiguous ways and to effectively support one another when we’re stuck
Jake Weinreb
Research Analyst
Our work with CLG has given me more confidence to be an effective leader. By integrating the 15 Commitments into our culture, we’re more approachable as a firm and open to new thoughts and ideas. This fosters collaboration within teams and throughout the whole organization. Office drama has been greatly reduced. Where there used to be closed doors and whispers, gossiping is now virtually non-existent. The atmosphere is one of friendly acceptance and mutual respect as we work together to get the job done.
Jane DiNardo
Director of Human Capital

The 15 Commitments in Action

Meditation Daily firm-wide optional guided meditation practice.

Learning Partners Everyone has a partner to go to when they want to check in about something. Partners also hold one another accountable to the commitments.

Pre-Meeting Check-Ins At the beginning of every meeting, everyone checks-in to reveal where they are (unarguable body sensation, feelings, and thought). 

Enneagram Everyone takes an enneagram assessment as part of onboarding. Results are posted to a shared list to support mutual insight and understanding into one another.

Coaching Bi-monthly firm-wide offsite conscious leadership sessions with a CLG coach. Employees have periodic one-on-one calls with a CLG coach. 

Cultural Ambassador A team member’s role was expanded to include being a cultural ambassador to ensure that Bridgewater maintains and continues to grow a genuinely conscious culture. 

Newsletter Writings The cultural ambassador writes articles related to conscious leadership. 

New Employee Onboarding Every new employee goes through a conscious leadership orientation to acquaint them with the general concepts and to learn about the cultural resources available to them.

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