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Grecian Delight

We have been working with Grecian Delight for many years to support them in creating a conscious culture and address turnover challenges they were having in their organization.

CEO Peter Parthenis said, “It was difficult at first, to get people to understand and to get people committed behind this work and to practice it; but I can tell you, with one hundred percent certainty, that my ability and my team's ability to connect with each other is at a whole different level than what it was before. We can establish trust immediately.  It's made a tremendous impact around being able to get things done as an organization, be aligned and being a higher performing team.”

On a personal level, Peter shares: “There was a point in time where I would show up at work, and by ten thirty or eleven o'clock, I felt shot, energetically speaking, physically speaking, emotionally speaking. I've moved past that. This has been a real game-changer for me, specifically around energy and capacity for energy.”


Appreciation for CLG's Impact

I’m ​really​ passionate about conscious leadership. Letting go of needing to being right, being able to see the other side of things, and still standing for what I believe in has been life changing for me. (Commitment #10, Opposite of my story).
David Gacom
Vice President, Retail Sales and Marketing
I’m newer at Grecian, and I’ve already heard from two of my direct reports say that their favorite thing about working here is conscious leadership. Personally, I’ve enjoyed learning about emotional intelligence and fully expressing feelings. I appreciate the different formats for learning: executive team sessions, open sessions, and 1-1 coaching; I learn something different and valuable from each.
​Samira Mirarefi
Director of R&D and Commercialization
In my role as Human Resource Director for Grecian Delight Foods, I have personally benefitted from our discussion of the 15 Commitments. For example, I have improved my ability to deeply listen, and on the flip side, to speak with candor when I believe something is wrong. I am a better manager for my team and ally to my peers and executive leadership. There has always been a sense of continuous improvement within our organization; working with CLG has taken that trend to the next level.
​Chris Heinhold
​Director of Human Resources
Learning to consciously locate where my emotions are coming from in the moment has transformed my leadership style. Since CLG came to Grecian, the anxiety about mistakes and who is at fault has lessened, and replaced by joy for our successes. CLG’s presence is also helping us to develop a framework for solution-finding in a fun and enlightening way. Both productivity and employee moral have increased.
Mike Lerch
Chief Financial Officer
Since CLG came into our organization, I am more comfortable revealing myself with the executive team I support, and as a result, I feel closer to them and am more effective in my role. I have also found that I take more responsibility for how I create my own suffering and can shift my experience with much more ease.
Asimina Panagakis
Peter Parthenis, Jr. & Peter Parthenis, Sr., Administrative Assistant

The 15 Commitments in Action

Monthly Trainings  Each month we introduce a new commitment to the management teams and others in the company who want to practice.

One-on-one Coaching  CLG provides individual coaching to each of the executive team members. The coach also provides a unique overview to the CEO about the needs of the team.

Executive Team Forum  A monthly Forum to create intimacy and practice conscious leadership while addressing current business challenges.  

Book Club  Enthusiastic practitioners of the 15 commitments created a monthly lunch time book club to explore the commitments more deeply. 

Meditation Room  A quiet place for meditation and a training room to introduce new team members to the 15 commitments. The foundational concepts of conscious leadership are printed on the walls. (See photo below)

Appreciation Wall  Employees are encouraged to write appreciations of one another on the chalkboard wall.

Reminder Wall  A larger than life reminder to check-in to see if you’re leading from above or below the line.

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Grecian Delight
CEO, Peter Parthenis, Grecian Delight Foods
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