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Lisa Murphy

When we first came to work with the HR department in the City of Santa Cruz, the team was fractured and relationships were strained, which was significantly impacting their performance.

With just three offsites over a period of a year this team made a complete turnaround. Lisa Murphy, head of HR reports, “We have come from a place of darkness and dreariness to light. My team thinks of themselves as a team. We are so much more creative. Productivity [is up]...we formed teams to solve issues and problems; before there was no working together.

The team credits much of their success by regularly practicing the commitments in playful and creative ways.

Appreciation for CLG's Impact

My work with CLG has changed the way I lead significantly. CLG enabled me to better understand the patterns of each individual I serve and compliment them with the benefits of my own mannerisms. CLG has helped me maintain my bond with my team so we can focus on our individual genius zone and ultimately make the best leadership decisions for the wellbeing of our beloved City employees. CLG's presence has positively impacted our work culture too. My team members are able to be appreciated for being themselves and find their own zone of genius in a collaborative way. In moments of difficulty, we have all shown great support towards each other by implementing various exercises and activities (see best practices).
Nico Megevand
City of Santa Cruz, Administrative Assistant
Practicing the 15 Commitments has improved my relationships and communication with my co-workers by helping me develop better insight into the reasons for their behavior, opinions, and thought processes.
Joe McMullen
Principal HR Analyst

The 15 Commitments in Action

Book Club We meet every 2-3 weeks to discuss different chapter in the book, The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership

Persona Play We play with archetypes and celebrate them in one another. 

Support Through Articles We present articles that spur discussions about behaviors we most value. Sometimes this leads to discussions of workplace issues and helps us to work through those issues.

Appreciations Anonymous sticky notes with something positive are regularly displayed beneath photos of each team member to show how much we value and appreciate one another.

Enneagram We use the enneagram as a way to learn more about each other. The enneagram also helps us to understand when and why someone is operating above or below the line and how to best communicate with that person. 

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