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Rosa Scarcelli

Stanford Management is faced with an unusually large set of challenges being in the affordable housing industry. They work with clients, a workforce, and agencies who are strapped for time and resources. The tension from these challenges was reflected in the internal culture. 

CEO Rosa Scarcelli had been learning about the 15 commitments in her YPO group and decided to apply them to her team.  She specifically focused creating a culture of appreciation.

Rosa says, “[Before integrating the 15 commitments] there was a sense of working against one another, not for one another. The process of moving into appreciation shifted that thinking, and was important to breaking down the division. Because there was no longer something to push against, [we became] a more productive and more engaged culture.”

Appreciation for CLG's Impact

Working with the 15 Commitments has made me realize that no one is perfect and we all make mistakes, but we can learn from those mistakes and move on by just being responsible. By focusing on Commitment #1, taking radical responsibility, I not only help myself but can help others with problems that they’re having. The 15 Commitments have also taught me that appreciation really goes a long way. When any of my staff excels in a task, large or small, I let them know how much I appreciate them. With that little appreciation each one of them will go that much further above and beyond in the next task because they know they are appreciated. By looking at everyone and everything as an ally (Commitment #13) my mindset has really changed. I realize now that obstacles are not a threat, they are a challenge to see how much I can learn and how much I can change.
Cindy Turnbull
Senior Property Manager, PA
"The 15 Commitments have really changed the way I lead and interact with my co-workers. Instead of working top-down, we’re working as allies. As an organization we’ve benefited greatly by using the common, shared language and values we’ve gained through the 15 Commitments. Commitment #2, learning through curiosity, has most positively influenced the way I lead. This commitment has helped me shift those challenging days into growth opportunities. Right now I’m focusing the most on Commitment #12, having enough of everything. I find that in the moment it’s most challenging for me to see time and resources as abundant."
Thomas Rhodes
Vice President, Operations
“Since working with the 15 Commitments I’ve been most positively influenced by speaking candidly (Commitment #4). This commitment has made me more aware of myself and others while communicating in various ways. People tend to use and rely on old-learned thought processes, but the 15 Commitments has enlightened all of us and given us the tools to change. Eliminating Gossip (Commitment #5) is my current focus. The drama of gossip has an extraordinary negative impact on everyone not only in the company, but to those that we serve.”
Cathy Barton
Senior Property Manager, ME

The 15 Commitments in Action

Devoted to Appreciation. The head of the organization takes the time to write handwritten appreciation notes to employees throughout the organization so they know their contributions are valued.   

HR Reminders. Each week HR sends out emails to highlight a commitment and give examples of how to practice that commitment. 

Book Group. On a monthly basis we held a virtual book group to discuss The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership and its concepts in greater detail.

Clearing Issues with Open Conversations. Through a 2 day training we taught the clearing process so our staff can easily work through issues by having open conversations in order to ultimately remove gossip from the workplace. 

Practice Play Throughout Company. Hold Extreme Improvements Contests so managers can submit humorous stories, videos or essays about why their properties should receive attention from the home office and get extra funds for a makeover, making it a fun and engaging competition. 

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