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Eric Langshur

Abundant Venture Partners is a purpose based incubator founded by Eric Langshur and Andrew Swinand. Their vision is to improve the human condition by working in three domains: human wellness, human engagement and human performance.  

Eric says, “One of our overarching and guiding principles here and vision is that we were trying to create a place where people could come to work and live in their genius and contribute. We see CLG as the core ingredients for helping us manifest that.”

AVIA is one of Abundant’s core companies. They’ve  integrated the core principles of CLG and the 15 commitments of conscious leadership organization-wide. Read more about their experience with CLG.

We encourage you to  listen to our interview with Eric. We think he’s one of the greatest examples of leaders who prioritizes consciousness over everything else.

Appreciation for CLG's Impact

CLG provides a toolkit that helps me to manage the ebbs and flows and daily politics that are common at an early stage startup. We would be in a different place as a leadership team if we didn’t have CLG.
Peggy Baxter
Vice President, Client Operations
There is a lot of work force programming out there, but CLG feels unique because it gets people to a different level of intimacy. I’ve also shared the work with my husband. At a fundamental level, it’s impacted all areas of my life.
​Gena Bezdek
Director, Client Operations
After 20 years in the corporate world, I’m acutely aware that CLG’s influence on AVIA makes for a unique and refreshing environment. I can take charge of my career while authentically relating with the people I work with without fear of being judged, shamed, or losing professional stature.
Amanda Schleede
Director, Operations

The 15 Commitments in Action

Forums. We gather in small groups for a few hours each month to support one another in exploring challenges we are having using the CLG forum model. Everyone across the portfolio participates in a forum. It also helps us practice expressing ourselves more authentically and effectively with one another.

Clearing Model. We regularly use the clearing model. It’s a game changer that creates an atmosphere of trust even as we work through the most challenging professional and interpersonal issues. Download a copy of the clearing model here.

Meditation Room. We have a rocking meditation room and lead guided meditations at lunch.  

New Hires are quickly introduced to CLG. We hold regular new hire CLG and LIFE Cross Training orientations to bring people up to speed. We also distribute the 15 commitments to all new hires. 

Prioritize play and rest. We do Yoga twice a week and have a daily (optional) pause at 12:55 for 5 minutes. Pens down. Email down. Phones down.

Are you interested in this type of transformation in your leadership and/or at your company? Contact us to get the conversation started.
Are you interested in joining or creating a CLG Forum in your city or company? Contact us to get started.
Abundant Venture Partners
Co-Founder and CEO of AVIA, Co-Founder Abundant Venture Partners and Life XT
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