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A Chicago Forum

The Chicago Monday Morning Forum is a group of exceptional leaders who began meeting three years ago. The group includes one of the best high school basketball coaches in the state of Illinois, a pastor of one of the most powerful spiritual communities in the city, a lawyer, a physical trainer, and a couple of retired leaders (not that one ever really retire from being a leader) to name a few. They’re fierce in their devotion to waking up to consciousness and to loving and radically supporting one another.

Jim interviewed three members from one of his Chicago forums. Watch or listen to learn how this community has made a significant difference in each of their lives.


Appreciation for CLG's Impact

The first time I went to forum, I thought, "Four hours? Boy, what are we gonna talk about for four hours?" But, for my personality type in particular, I need time to really sink into things and be forced to stay with something. It's like family because you share the good, and the bad, and the ugly. I love how it draws me to go deep into issues that I may not want to, with people that I really trust and love. If you really want to get in the rollercoaster of looking at life, and your relationship, and consciousness, this is the single best way to do it. It's totally exhilarating, and it's scary. Everything is there, and if you're serious about going to the next level, I don't see how you do it without doing a forum.
Kim Redding
Retired Chief Investment Strategist
Forum has really opened me up personally to a more fuller experience of myself...I've seen myself step back and let things unfold more naturally, and, as a result, I feel like the relationships and my connection to organizations, family members, or projects that I'm creating have been more clear and less laden with all sorts of other emotional baggage. Everything feels a little lighter and cleaner, a little more nimble in my life than it has in the past. That's been a great shift for me.
Susan Flynn
Verdant Hollow Farms, Owner
Being part of a CLG Forum has been one of the most transformative experiences of my journey so far. Forum has provided a ‘laboratory’ for me to use the tools and deepen my consciousness practice. The meetings are always rich with feedback and help me to grow in awareness and self-acceptance. My Forums have become like family; a place where my authentic self is always welcome. I always leave feeling more present and alive!
Donna Placio
Physical Therapist

The 15 Commitments in Action

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A Chicago Forum
A diverse group of leaders share about their Forum experience
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