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Jim Barnett

Jim Barnett founded and ran many tech companies for over twenty-five years. As he matured as a leader, he realized that the way he was approaching things was unsustainable on a human level. With the support of CLG co-founder Diana Chapman, he took a much needed break and learned to source his drive from a more authentic place. 

Jim was committed to not running another company unless there was a sense of meaning and purpose. He founded Glint—again with CLG’s support to build a conscious culture—a company that  measures and improves employee engagement with a mission to help people be happier and more successful at work.

As you listen our interview with Jim, you might understand why he is one of the most adored leaders by his team of any we have worked with.

Appreciation for CLG's Impact

The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership is an inspirational masterpiece and a brilliant roadmap for leadership in the 21st century. Embracing conscious leadership and the 15 Commitments at my companies and in my life has led to both phenomenal success and deep personal joy.
Jim Barnett
Glint, CEO
Since working with CLG I’ve committed to being more open and frequent with feedback (Commitment #4) and making sure others know that I’m looking for the same. I think CLG and the 15 Commitments changed our culture in helping us understand how one another sees the world and to genuinely 'listen to understand' rather than ‘listen to respond’. We are much more likely to hear the other person out, acknowledge their perspective and then respond authentically.
Jim Bell
Chief Marketing Officer
Working with CLG has helped me have a deeper understanding of my leadership style and the best ways to improve over time. I've been able to uncover my authentic self and learn how to stay present in challenging situations which has helped me grow and build deeper relationships in every aspect of my life.
​Celia Gouveia
​Director, Customer Success
Prior to being introduced to CLG, I was essentially sleepwalking. I often found myself falling into familiar patterns of feeling victimized by things happening "to" and "around" me. Responsibility (Commitment #1) truly grabbed hold of me, and I am now consciously aware of what I call "participating in my own rescue". The benefits of practicing the art of taking full responsibility have, for me, traversed life both at work and at home. I am a better boss, teammate, husband and Dad when I stay above the line. Of course I take a dip to the underworld of victimhood every now and then, but through practice, I've gained the skill to rise above.
Scott Sinatra
Vice President, Sales

The 15 Commitments in Action

Facilitated leadership meetings practicing the 15 commitments 

One-on-one coaching for leaders who want to explore more deeply

Daily meditation for the CEO and encouraged for the rest of the team

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