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Alene Candles

When Alene CEO Rodney Harl asked his head of HR, Heidi Ebol to take the lead to create a conscious leadership program at Alene Candles, she jumped in with both feet. She collaborated with us to design a six month program to train employees at all levels of the organization to lead more consciously. We credit Heidi’s passion and commitment for results that exceeded our expectations.

Many difficult conversations and vulnerable emotions surfaced along the way, helping to bridge communication divides and eliminating silos. A unique feature of our work with Alene is that we worked with their hourly manufacturing employees, in addition to the executive and management teams

Across the board, people shifted from blame to curiosity and we were especially impressed with how this shift played out between hourly employees and management. Team members now entertain themselves with play instead of gossip. Understanding, empathy and appreciation have taken root throughout the organization.

Appreciation for CLG's Impact

CLG has been a catalyst for growth, internal reflection, and reinforcing values which weren’t clearly felt. The outgrowth has been far more discussions without fear, and an acceptance that all of us shape the success we want to achieve. My own leadership has been positively altered as I’m no longer coming from a place of righteousness or justifying my own stance. Instead, I have moved toward working more collaboratively with my peers to achieve 100% ownership within each of our roles and as a team.
Ted Goldberg
Vice President, Business Development
Working with CLG is giving me additional insight and approaches in dealing with all facets of our organization. The commitments encourage me to practice what we preach and I am applying these practices and principles cross functionally with peers as well as internal and external customers. As more of our team and mid-level managers engage in the 15 Commitments I anticipate more consistency in our approaches by establishing common themes in association with being self-aware.
Brad Colclasure
Vice President, Sales and Marketing
Before meeting Diana, I was a “Lost Enneagram 5” directing legions of Storm Troopers “below the line” with my Dark Side. Diana awakened the Force within me and encouraged me to be in touch with my senses, to locate my feelings, to shift my management style to open, constructive interaction with others, to talk to people and not about people, and to keep my commitments as I hold others accountable for keeping theirs.
Andrew "AJ" James
Chief Financial Officer
I have been using the enneagram methodology for more than a decade but it wasn’t until our work with CLG that I was reminded of this basic application and benefit of that practice. The results were almost immediate and completely amazing, communications (both ways) with my colleagues are working well. The most substantial impact CLG has had in our workplace has been our associates willingness to embrace the idea that each of us is responsible for our own emotions and judgments and it takes courage to address issues in the open. Vulnerability has become much more commonplace with positive effects.
Jim Colony
Cheif Operating Officer

The 15 Commitments in Action

Leadership Uses the Enneagram All leadership team members, and most managers, have been Enneagram-typed. We regularly acknowledge our types in conversations and what makes each of our perspectives unique, which enables greater empathy and understanding of each other’s perspectives.  

15 Commitments in Monthly Meetings During our monthly management meetings we read a chapter from “Conscious Leadership.” Each one of our top 12 people tells a story about how they have observed the commitment at work or in their personal lives. This has changed the dynamic of our meetings, and changed the relationship between people, because there's a vulnerability there. 

Prioritize Issue Clearing in Meetings Our core senior leaders include time in our monthly leadership meeting for “issues clearing”, speaking candidly about disconnects and clearing concerns with each other.

Common Language We call out specific phrases in our meetings: "I'm (or you’re) below the line on this…", "The story I make up is…", "My 100% role is…".  We are seeing much more ownership for individuals' own situations, versus people waiting for others’ actions before taking action themselves. 

Reminders Throughout the Office There are two “drama triangle rooms”, which are breakout rooms with the CLG drama triangle drawing and words on the wall. Our HR Director’s office also includes a reminder to check in and see if you’re “Above or Below the Line”. Finally, there are six company value tiles on the office walls. We included Candor as an element of our “Respect” value, underscoring that all employees can speak freely and truthfully to anyone else in the organization. 

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