Conscious Leadership Testimonials

Beatrice Dominguez - Sierra Larson

VP of People and Vimcar

I’ve had the incredible privilege of working with Sierra over the course of a year, and I cannot express how profoundly grateful I am for the experience. From the moment we began our partnership, I knew I had found someone truly special. Sierra has a remarkable ability to see beyond our mask. During our time together, she pushed me to examine my patterns, beliefs, assumptions, and behaviors, leading me to not only deepened my understanding of myself but also to unlock my true confidence as a leader. Sierra exudes warmth and compassion, creating an environment where I felt safe and encouraged to explore and play. She expertly helped me navigate challenges, guiding me toward finding my solutions and empowering me to step into my leadership potential. Her genuine care and support shone through every session, making me feel valued and heard. She celebrated victories alongside me, and during times of self-doubt, she provided a compassionate presence that reminded me of my inherent worthiness and capability. Thanks to Sierra I have experienced a profound transformation in my leadership journey. I now possess the tools and self-awareness to make more conscious decisions, foster meaningful relationships, and lead with authenticity and compassion. The impact that Sierra has had on both my personal and professional life is immeasurable, and I will forever be grateful for the time we spent growing together.

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