Conscious Leadership Testimonials

Michael Curry - Integrity Boot Camp

Co-Executive Chairman of Apex Physics Partners, Co-Chairman and CEO Lullwater & Co

“As I embark on my next adventure in business, I knew that there was some personal work that I needed to be done to show up in the world with full authenticity. Well, I was right! I had lots of work to do. Couched with love and support, the Integrity Boot Camp forces you to look at your life honestly and examine how you have created the conditions that we are looking to escape from. Erica, a CLG coach, asked me a question over lunch that interrupted my sleepwalking through life pattern in its tracks. She asked me, "Who are you to continue to live a life being less than who you really are?" If you are willing to take responsibility for your life, reconnect with your feelings, speak truths that you have been afraid or ashamed to share, and examine how your sloppy agreements keep you out of integrity with yourself and others, then Integrity Boot Camp is for you. Last (and certainly not least, the staff and attendees made the experience magical for me. Witnessing others do their work and go deep with the support of the CLG team (sometimes tough love was required) was nothing short of inspiring. I cannot unsee what I saw in myself at the boot camp. I feel like I have tools and a community at the ready cheering me on to my full aliveness. Who are you to continue to live a life being less than who you really are?”

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