Conscious Leadership Testimonials

Justine Armour - Joyce Chen

Chief Creative Officer | ADWEEK Creative 100 | AdAge Leading Women

There is nothing quite like deeply seeing and knowing yourself to build trust in your own leadership. This work is an excavation of the complex layers that shape how you show up in the world. Joyce brings you into the work with warmth, non-judgment, and wisdom. It’s confronting to become conscious of the ways you may have been toxic in your leadership and your relationships in general, but somehow this work enables you to accept and even appreciate your own humanity. The material itself is life-changing, but Joyce vulnerably commits to her own growth alongside you. She is profoundly, electrifyingly joyous in her work. Joyce has found her calling, and you can really feel it. She is magnetic and inspiring, and her self-awareness offers an invitation to go deep. I could not recommend Joyce more highly as a coach, facilitator, or just a general love bomb of nurturing wisdom and joy.

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