Conscious Leadership Testimonials

Ryan Daugherty - Integrity Boot Camp

Sales Leader and Executive Coach at Google

If you are looking for full contact feedback, then this experience is for you. Perhaps the most powerful part of Integrity Bootcamp is simply being in the presence of the CLG Staff who have risked themselves to freedom. Their game is a brutally honest and loving one, and they expect that you have come to play the same game. This experience brought on my fear, sought out my anger, and unleashed my confusion. It also planted seeds of curiosity that asked if I was willing to risk more for more aliveness, a question that I didn't know how to answer right away. From this place where I sit months after the experience I see that sometimes you have to get lost to find yourself. The possibility of more aliveness has pulled at me every day since I left Bootcamp. I've risked more, stumbled my way through, and committed more deeply to my power than I ever knew was possible. I believe that meeting the “hardest to accept” parts of myself was fundamental to finding a new fire I didn't know that I had. I will be forever grateful for how I was pushed in love, for getting lost, and for the finding that is happening.

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