Conscious Leadership Testimonials

Rahim Fazal - Enneagram Typing

SV Academy, Co-Founder and CEO

Learning about my Enneagram type has been transformational to my leadership. For one, it’s helped me sharpen my understanding of my core drivers as a leader; providing me with a blueprint for how to show up as my best-self under growth, and, in turn, how to catch myself and quickly pivot when I am stuck. My greatest surprise? Learning about my co-founder’s Enneagram has helped me turbocharge our partnership. I can now more completely understand where he is coming from on a given issue, and anticipate his fundamental needs, and how they are in service of our goals. And, through a deeper understanding of our types and how we relate to one another, I can more easily step back and examine difficult issues from multiple perspectives, which is helping me solve problems faster and more confidently. Seeing this, my co-founder picked up the Enneagram, too. Now, we’re moving at lightning pace.

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