Conscious Leadership Testimonials

Rick Malnati - Kim Redding client story

Basketball Coach

I have been in forum with Kim Redding for 3 years. My first impression was not positive, in fact I did not like him at all. Two and a half years later I consider Kim one of my closest confidants, a man I admire and choose to share all the most intimate details of my life. I love his candor, sincerity, and support in my life. A story that illustrates his growth is something I witnessed this past fall surrounding the Cubs in the world series. As a longtime season ticket holder and a diehard Cubs fan Kim had a scheduling conflict with all of the home games, but was able to secure tickets to game 7 in Cleveland. Instead of going to the game himself he gave his tickets to his step sons and nephews. In exchange he received heart to heart conversations with these guys where they shared their hearts and the story of going to a great baseball game.

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