Conscious Leadership Testimonials

Aryn Kelly - Peggy Hart

Elemental Designs, Owner

"I first met Peggy at a fundraiser event many years ago, where she was a speaker. During her presentation, she shared one of the fundamental tools of Conscious Leadership, "The Line," and I was immediately intrigued. More than a year later, when I was finally ready to level up in my personal and professional life, I recalled so vividly how her energy, attitude, and lessons resonated with me—and I sought her out. We began working together regularly—first in person and later virtually as she relocated across the country—and since that time, my professional as well as my personal growth has continued to reach new heights, literally EVERY time we connect. Peggy is empathetic, a phenomenal listener, and an incredibly wise but endearingly HUMAN coach who is relatable and kind while also being direct and challenging. I truly believe that my serendipitous collision with Peggy has had one of the most positive impacts on my life. I take the lessons I learn from our time together and apply them successfully and with great enthusiasm across all of my interactions with my growing team as well as with all of my personal relationships. I am so grateful to have Peggy in my corner, as I know her impact on my life is exponential and continues to grow as I get better at practicing the lessons she teaches. Cannot more highly recommend Peggy to anyone who is interested in discovering how to uncover their true potential, have more enriching professional and personal relationships, and shift from committing to the old stories which hold each of us back to embracing a life of growth and play."

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