Conscious Leadership Testimonials

Tim Pape - Peggy Hart

Carson LLP, Attorney

"As my professional development coach, Peggy brings me energy and focus. I am acquiring mental and emotional tools that support me in recognizing my unhealthy thoughts and patterns, so that I am able to bring my attention back to what matters. I can navigate more adeptly the inevitable conflicts of personality and workplace drama. This all frees my energy to apply to my professional goals. All the tools, lessons, and perspective carry over to my personal life too - to my relationships and non-professional wants and needs, which has been extra meaningful and impactful. I have worked with a few coaches over the past decades. Peggy and the Conscious Leadership approach is the means to not just better, more meaningful, higher level professional performance and career satisfaction, but the path to a better life and existence, filled with more energy, purpose and excitement."

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