Conscious Leadership Testimonials

Christine Zolaker - Bodhi client story

Bodhi Spiritual Center, Staff Member Coordinator of Spiritual Director’s Office

CLG has given me powerful tools to assist in being open in my communication, taking responsibility, and feeling my feelings all the way through. The 15 Commitments have impacted our culture in tremendous ways. Prior to my involvement with CLG I thought that in order to be a successful leader I had to be good at everything. Who knew that it could be enough to work in my zone of genius? (It is). Expressing my truth in front of others, specifically co-workers, is a something I never considered before CLG. Commitment #4 (Candor) has most positively influenced the way that I lead. By being honest about what is true for me, I have found that my community can relate to me, trust me, and ultimately this way of being gives them permission to do the same.

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