Conscious Leadership Testimonials

Matthew Bowers - Rayliant client story

Managing Director, Legal and Compliance

I’ve never worked in a culture where opinions, disagreements and annoyances are so freely shared. I understand this may sound like a bad thing, but trust me, it’s not! There are no emotional skeletons in the closet at our firm. Our management team have had radically open discussions about compensation, expense reimbursements, travel class – even personal hygiene! But we have these discussions in a respectful way. We share our thoughts as stories; we acknowledge our stories are partly (or mostly) false; we take from them what we can; and at the end of the day, we move forward together. These experiences build personal and professional bonds, and they free us to focus on business. To be honest, I was deeply skeptical of this approach when I joined the firm. And I’m still not convinced it could work in every environment. But at Rayliant ... so far, so good.

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